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Know This About Close Quarters Combat

Since handguns are projectile weapons, it’s easy to assume that if you were to fire at an assailant who posed a deadly threat, it would be from a distance far greater...

Why You Need To Carry Multiple Guns

When asked why I carry three guns, I reply: “Because four would be ostentatious.” In reality, the practical answer is less snide, but a bit longer to detail.

How To Survive A Carjacking

So you think that because you have a gun in your vehicle you’re immune from being carjacked? Well, I have news for you. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s also dangerous...

Why Your Gun Needs A Laser

For the past two decades, more and more states have begun issuing concealed carry permits, and that legislation has generated a great deal of interest in firearms for...

What To Do When Your Gun Fails

When your pistol malfunctions during a range session, do you stop and look at it, dumbfounded? Do you set your pistol down and raise your hand for assistance because you...