So you want a case for your gun but aren’t sure which one to get? Here are 16 of the best cases for you to choose from.

Pistol Cases

You can either get a soft pistol case or a hard pistol case.

Soft cases don’t offer as much protection, but they’re cheaper and are good enough if you’re just traveling short distances. Here are a few soft cases for you to check out.

The most basic option for pistol cases is to get a cheap case that’s little more than a piece of fabric that covers your gun. Uncle Mike’s Medium Pistol Rug ($7) is a good example of this kind of case.

Do you use a pistol with a light attachment? If so, you’ll need a case that can fit the light without needing to take it off. Check out Pew Pew Tactical’s Custom Gun Cases ($16). They’re made to fit full-sized handguns with lights.

For a little more money, you could get an Allen Double Case ($33), which can hold two guns at once and even has side pockets. Plus, it has a handle to help you carry it.

Hard cases offer the most protection, but they come with a higher price tag. They’re worth it if you have a valuable pistol you want to protect or if you tend to be more rough with your guns than you’d like.

For keeping your pistol safe on a budget, the MTM Single ($10) offers superior protection than factory cases for a price that can’t be beaten.

Pelican makes good cases, and you can simply choose one from their Pelican series that fits your size requirements.

Want to keep your hard case on the small side? Go with the Pelican 1200 ($37). It’s just big enough to fit a pistol and two mags, plus you can create your own shapes in the foam.

The Pelican 1400 ($73)costs almost twice as much as the Pelican 1200, but it has lots of extra room. You can fit more mags or even another pistol depending on their shape.

Have a lot of pistols that you need to carry? The Pelican 1500 ($122) with custom foam can hold between 4 to 5 pistols and even has room for extra mags.

Rifle Cases

Again, rifle cases can either be soft or hard depending on your needs. But what’s interesting here is that you can get cases that disguise the fact that you’re carrying a gun. Some of these look like guitar cases or sporting goods cases.

The Battle Axe ($150) from Progressive Tactical Gear is a bit pricey, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your gun is protected and you won’t draw any unwanted attention from people.

Also from Progressive Tactical Gear is the Civilian Lab Smuggler ($180). It’ll fit lengths up to an AK-47, and the discreet bag doesn’t alert people that you’re carrying a gun.

Any baseball game bag can also work. They’re long enough to fit most rifles and you can get them pretty cheap, usually around $20 or so.

You can also use a tennis bag. But be careful, tennis bags are a little smaller, so make sure they’ll fit your rifle before you buy one. Pick one up for $20 – $40.

Don’t care about disguising your rifle? Go with a standard soft rifle case then. The Pit Bull RIfle Case ($18) from Bulldog is about as basic as you can get. It’s the minimum of protection you’d want but it comes cheap.

You can get this case from Nc Star for $60 which has a few more bells and whistles than the Pit Bull case. It can fit two rifles, has plenty of pockets, and has a removable center divider.

Hard cases that come from the manufacturer tend to not be very good quality, so it makes sense to replace them if you have some spare cash.

Check out Flambeau’s Safeshot Single Gun Case ($35) for an entry-level option. It’ll fit most rifles and can even fit a scope inside too.

Want a sturdy case with plenty of extra room for gear? Check out Plano’s All Weather Rifle Case ($68). It has all the room you’d ever need and then some. Plus it has a pressure relief valve that automatically adjusts for pressure changes while traveling.

For anyone who wants better protection for their rifle and doesn’t care if it costs more, the Pelican 1720 ($220) gives superior protection with plenty of space. It doesn’t have Pelican’s typical Pick N’ Pluck foam, so you’ll have to cut your own shapes out with a knife.



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