There’s a new type of ammunition going around that’s making some people very excited…and that’s the new .224 valkyrie cartridge by Federal.

The .224 valkyrie is comparable to the 6.5 Creedmore and was likely created by Federal to directly compete with it.

The .224 valkyrie is reported to be steadier and more accurate than similar casings such as the 6.5mm Creedmore. Federal claims that at 1,000 yards, it has 127 inches less drop and 68 inches less wind drift than existing MSR-15 cartridges.

Part of the reason that it’s able to do this is because it stays at supersonic speeds for longer than other casings. In fact, it has been tested and proven to stay supersonic out to 1,300 yards even when shot through an AR-15.

One of the really neat things about the .224 valkyrie is that even though it’s so comparable to a 6.5mm Creedmore, it only has roughly half of the recoil. The result is that you can get back on target faster after making each shot, making it an attractive cartridge for competition shooters.

Despite having several new improvements over similar cartridges, Federal is aiming to make their new .224 valkyrie as affordable as possible, probably in an effort to help their new product catch on. According to Federal, they plan on charging the same price for their .224 valkyrie as they do for their .223 and 5.56 lines.

Federal offers their .224 valkyrie in four different types: Gold Medal® Sierra Matchking®, Nosler® Ballistic Tip® Varmint, Fusion® MSR, and American Eagle® TMJ®.

The Gold Medal® Sierra Matchking® is their premium offering designed for competition. It’s 90-grain and has a uniform jacket to ensure consistent long-range accuracy.

The Nosler® Ballistic Tip® Varmint has been designed to kill varmint and predators. It’s 60-grain and minimizes drift and wind drop by using a sleek, thin-jacket, polymer-tip.

The Fusion® MSR is 90-grain and is optimized for top performance in sporting rifles. It extends the range of their .224 valkyrie even further and is meant for hunters shooting medium game at long distances.

The American Eagle® TMJ® is 75-grain and has Federal® brass and clean-burning powder. The result is a cartridge that you can shoot over and over at the range without gunking up your barrel as much.

As you can see from Federal’s four options for their .224 valkyrie, this cartridge has a wide range of applications and isn’t limited to being good at just one thing.

This cartridge will probably become the next big thing, and several gun manufacturers are already making rifles to suit the .224 valkyrie such as JP Enterprises, Mossberg, Barrett, and several others.

Here’s a video for you to see the .224 valkyrie in action.



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