Do you shoot at night or in low-light situations? If so, then you already know what your biggest problem is…and that’s visibility!

You could use a flashlight like many other people do, but using a flashlight causes another problem: it gives away your position. If you were defending your home from nighttime attackers, they would immediately know where you are as soon as you flip the flashlight on.

The good news is that there’s a way for you to get a clear shot even in the dark.

By using a thermal scope, you can find your target by reading their heat signatures without giving away your position. This makes it ideal for home defense situations and also for nighttime hunting.

There are lots of thermal scopes out there, but today I want to talk to you about the ones from Night Optics.

Night Optics has released a new line of thermal scopes that could it much easier for you to shoot accurately. They call it Night Optics SVTS line.

There are three models in the new SVTS line: SVTS-80, SVTS-320, and SVTS-640. The three models correspond to three magnifications.

The SVTS-80 is a 1x magnification optic with an 80×60 resolution. The SVTS-320 has 1x 2x and 4x magnifications with 320×240 resolution. And the SVTS-640 has 1x 3x and 6x magnifications with 640×480 resolution.

The models also increase in price, with the SVTS-80 being the entry-level option at $1,200; the SVTS-320 at $2,000; and the SVTS-640 at $3,500.

They’re pretty expensive, but the new features you’re about to see should make it a worthwhile purchase for some people.

All three models have continuous calibration, which has never been done in thermal riflescopes before. Night Optics claims that the continuous calibration will help shooters stay on target by almost completely getting rid of screen freeze.

The SVTS line of thermal scopes has been designed to make transitioning between targets as smooth as possible using their new piece of technology called Heat Tracker.

If you were using a different thermal scope and a target was outside your field of view, you would never know it was there. But the Heat Tracker technology in the SVTS line detects those targets outside your field of view and directs you to them. It shows you this with a display arrow that leads you to the next target’s location.

But that’s not all…the SVTS line also has recoil-activated recording and also Snap Back shot-sensing technology. Here’s how they work:

The SVTS line of thermal scopes is constantly recording, and recoil-activated recording automatically saves 10 seconds before and after it detects a shot is fired. I imagine this could also make some people uncomfortable, but I’m not sure if it can be disabled or not.

The Snap-Back technology makes it easier to reacquire targets after you shoot. It works by automatically zooming out after it detects a shot was fired, so you can quickly find your target again.