If you frequently go target shooting, you probably have experience shooting at many different types of targets. However, few are as satisfying as the ringing of a steel target echoing through the air.

Considering steel targets also save you the time of walking to your target to see if you hit it, it’s a wonder why steel targets aren’t a popular as they should be. The reason we don’t see more steel targets probably has to do with transporting them.

Unlike other target materials, steel is heavy. That makes hauling them to the range and setting them up a much bigger effort than simply sticking some cardboard in the ground and calling it good.

Thankfully, a company called CTS Targets has taken on this challenge by creating steel targets that are portable and easy to set up.

CTS Targets makes steel that are at least 1/4″ thick for pistols and up to 1/2″ thick for rifles made of AR 500 steel. They come in standard shapes such as circles and diamonds, as well as more “interesting” variations such as wild boars and foxes.

Their steel targets out cut out with a precision laser, making the edges look clean and with no sharp edges so you don’t accidentally cut yourself while carrying them. The front and back of the targets are matte gray while the edges are unfinished metal, leaving them shiny and displaying the metal grain.

One of the things that makes CTS Targets so awesome are their target stands and hangers. The stands and targets are interchangeable and attach to each other with a nut and bolt assembly. That means you can swap any target for any stand with no special tools other than a wrench.

This easy assembly and disassembly makes CTS Targets much easier to handle and transport, even for a single person. Since they disassemble, you don’t have to carry the full weight of both the target and the stand. Plus, each component will be smaller and easier to carry. And when it’s time to pack up and go, just disassemble it and head out.

The largest stands they offer are about 5′ feet long, and they still fit nicely in most vehicles. This makes transporting them in your car less of a hassle.

The targets themselves hold up in performance. They’re made of AR 500 steel, which is required to stop bullets from pitting too deeply and back splashing. The targets still pit, of course, but that’s perfectly normal when using rifles.

Overall, CTS Targets are definitely worth checking out if you like steel targets or would like to try them. You can get a target and stand kit from them for $59.99 on their site, though larger targets and stands cost much more.