There’s a new line of ammo coming from a company you might not expect. It’s called Blackwater Ammo, and it was created by Blackwater founder Erik Prince and gun and ammo designer Nicola Bandini.

Blackwater is offering a variety of calibers that should please most shooters.

Here are Blackwater Ammo’s offerings as of right now…

Handgun: 9mm, .45

Rifle: .223, 5.56×45, .308

Shotgun: 12 gauge

BMG: .50 BMG

Blackwater Ammo says it wants to also provide proprietary calibers for military and law enforcement in addition to its caliber offerings for the consumer market.

According to founder Nicola Bandini, he wants the new company to stand on its own legs instead of riding off the fame of its parent company.

PBM and Blackwater Ammunition are launched as a new, solid and well experienced industrial venture and not as a cosmetic operation.

In other words, we did not intend to apply a well known and legendary brand to someone else’s products: this would have been the short way, but short lived fame as well, especially as we wanted to be our own masters in developing and timing a revolutionary approach in ammunition manufacturing.

This is a respectable move on their part and shows that they’re taking this venture seriously and thinking long term. They could have ridden the fame of their parent company but chose the more stable path instead.

Here’s what Bandini had to say about it:

We did it the hard way, waiting the necessary time to set up the top quality machinery, in a world perspective when centerfire metallic cartridges global demand pressurizes machines manufacturers to push the industry further and further away with delivery.

According to Blackwater Ammo’s website, all their bullets have been designed for long range for rifles and also maximum angular control for their pistol bullets. The reason being that ricocheting bullets are a big threat for law enforcement officers and the new design will help curb that.

One nice touch they added is that their ammo boxes have targets printed on the inside, so you could use the empty box as a makeshift target if you don’t have anything else while out shooting.

Another really cool thing is how Blackwater Ammo ships the ammo to you. Civilians will receive their orders in cool-looking black boxes that even come with a strap and handle. On the other hand, law enforcement will receive their shipments in all-weather desert tan boxes.

Everything looks good so far, but we’ll have to wait and see if the performance is as good as they claim.



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