If you plan on buying a new holster soon, don’t make a decision until you take a look at these first. Safariland introduced some new pistol holsters that have added utility and comfort that their previous holster didn’t.

Their new pistol holsters are the Model 17, Model 17T, and the Model 557 Open-Top.

The holster often gets overlooked as a critical piece of gear. Some people figure that it’s just a holster and it just holds the gun…so what does it matter? However, a good holster that feels comfortable to you will make a big difference in comfort and performance.

These new holsters from Safariland might be the ones you’ve been searching for.

Safariland’s Model 17 and 17T

Both the Model 17 and the Model 17T are designed to be comfortable, thin, and flexible inside-the-wasitband holsters.

They’re made of Safariland’s own special type of thermo-formed plastic. Safariland says their “SafariLaminate” material helps the holsters retain their shape even after the gun is drawn, which would allow for fast drawing and re-holstering.

Wondering what the difference is between the 17 and the 17T? They’re completely identical except for one key feature, and that’s how they attach to your belt.

While the Model 17 attaches to your belt with the help of a spring steel clip, the Model 17T uses a J-hook. The J-hook makes the Model 17T even more concealable because it’s tuckable. This makes the Model 17T an excellent choice for those who want to wear lighter clothing while concealed carrying.

Both models fit common pistols such as Colt, Glock, Ruger, SIG Sauer, S&W, and Springfield.

They’re a little pricier than some other holsters out there at a price of $38.50, but considering the improvements they might be worth checking out if you’ve struggled to find a comfortable holster in the past.

Safariland’s Model 557 Open-Top

The Model 17 and 17T are fine for most pistols, but what about if you have a light attached to yours? That’s where the Model 557 Open-Top comes in.

The nice thing about this holster is that even though it’s designed for pistols with a light attached, it can still hold them even when the light isn’t attached…and it won’t rattle around thanks to Safariland’s thermo-molded plastic.

It’s a concealed carry holster, but it’s meant to be worn outside-the-waistband. It can get away with it thanks to its low profile.

The Model 557 Open-Top is a bit pricier than the other Safariland holsters, sitting at a solid $50.00 for a new one.