If you’ve always wanted to own an AR-15 but couldn’t because of the price, you’re going to love what this Pennsylvania company is doing.

Meet the Kahr Firearms Group…a company that builds their own guns and also builds their own Thompson-style guns. Their next project is to build a line of budget-friendly Thompson AR’s, based on the famous “Tommy Gun” of the 1920’s.

Recently they sold their first Thompson AR to the local police chief, Don Quick.

Justin Moon, Kahr’s founder and CEO, said that he’d like to put the AR in every home in America, stating ” mean, every American should really have an AR. It’s America’s rifle.”

If the last name “Moon” sounds familiar, that’s probably because of the recent media attention given to a Pennsylvanian church lead by Sean Moon that encouraged its members to bring AR’s in for mass in exchange for receiving a blessing.

Justin Moon and Sean Moon are brothers and are both very gun friendly. While Sean Moon runs his church, Justin Moon earns his living by manufacturing firearms.

Both are the sons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church in South Korea.

Justin Moon’s original plan was to build his plant in New York state, though he later reconsidered his decision after new laws were introduced in 2013 that made it even more difficult to manufacture military-style weapons.

It worked out for him, though, because he now operates out of Pennsylvania, which he describes as being “very gun friendly”.

He currently employs 25 people in his business, and would have to hire more when the new plant is up and running.

Here’s what Moon said about Pennsylvania:

I think I share the values of many Pennsylvanians. I fish, hunt, camp, you name it. Pennsylvania has a strong rural population with strong values. They love America. They love freedom.

Moon said that he plans on manufacturing a new line of Thompson AR’s when his new manufacturing plant is up and running.

Perhaps the best part is that he wants to keep the price under $700 so that it stays affordable for most Americans. $700 is a very good price for a starter AR, and this will likely help many would-be AR owners finally get the gun they’ve always wanted.

Plus, it would be cool to own an AR that looks like a Tommy Gun. There will probably be many people who want one of these just for its unique look, whether they’re on a budget or not.