The 9mm is a popular round, and if you have a 9mm pistol then you’re probably already committed to a favorite brand. However, you could be missing out on a brand you might enjoy even more, so I’m going to show you a few that aren’t as well known.

The first on this list are Precision Delta’s 9mm rounds.

Precision Delta makes a 124-grain 9mm bullet that might make you rethink your favorite brand. It uses match-grade new brass, clean burning powder, and has some of the least recoil out of any 9mm available. Plus, it packs a real punch.

It’s clear that Precision Delta designed this round for competition, and those who shoot competition should definitely check it out. Just don’t be surprised when by what it shows up packed in.

Instead of a neat and fancy looking box, Precision Delta packs its rounds in a plastic bag. This cheap packaging is pretty standard when it comes to smaller less-known companies like this, so don’t let it scare you away from trying this awesome brand.

Next up is the 9mm from Allegiance Ammunition.

This brand of 9mm doesn’t mess around when it comes to self-defense rounds. These rounds aren’t meant to be used in competition, so they’re all about how to pack more punch and devastation to those who want to harm you or your family.

Their 9mm round is designed to be even more explosive when it hits soft tissue. According to Allegiance Ammunition, their rounds contain pressurized fluid. The result is that the fragments get rammed forward on impact thanks to the pressurized fluid which does even more damage.

They say that this increased pressure creates a big wound on impact and will shock the nervous system of anyone hit by it, causing a swift and humane death.

The only drawback here is that not everyone is legally allowed to carry the round. As of right now, Allegiance Ammunition can’t ship to nine states which have banned it. It might be a good idea to stock up on them now while you still have the chance.

The last brand on this list is Team Never Quit.

Team Never Quit is a little-known brand that offers a 100-grain 9mm round. The company is both patriotic and supports injured veterans, which is where their “never quit” identity comes from. But the real test is whether their rounds hold up or not.

According to the ballistic data they provide, the round is designed to be both powerful and also minimize home property damage in case you do end up in a self defense situation.

They partnered with Snake River Shooting Products to create a home defense round that the small company can be proud of.



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