What does dynamic tactical combat scenario based training mean to you? How about CQB combat pistol training? If you have some vague idea involving a man wearing a black 511 polo shirt and khaki pants with his arms crossed who does lightning fast mag changes, you are not alone. If you are confused about what kind of training is right for you, or you are intimidated by the training industry as a whole, you are also not alone.

Training has come to have its own language where tacticool means you are not cool and acronyms are SOP. Sometime after hitting YouTube, tactical training got an ego and became less than warm and welcoming. For newbies to firearms training this can not only be confusing and intimidating, but it can derail their quest for personal empowerment.

So what does someone do after they purchase a firearm they have no idea how to use? Many have friends who teach them the “tactical ropes.” Still more take the box home and put it on a shelf to gather dust. Some take a lesson from a local guy. A few brave the ominous world of tactical training.

source: dailycaller.com/



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